Course Open - Buggies allowed (updated 16 November at 09:32)

Smart casual wear is the minimum standard expected on the golf course and in the clubhouse at all times.

On The Golf Course
  • Knee-length tailored shorts are permitted.
  • Golf shoes with soft spikes are mandatory.
  • Denim wear is not acceptable on the Golf Course at any time.
In The Clubhouse
  • Respectable denim is acceptable in the clubhouse, provided it is not faded or torn.
  • Appropriate footwear must be worn at all times in the clubhouse.
  • Golf shoes may be worn on the balcony and along designated internal access routes e.g. to / from locker rooms; on a ‘defined corridor’ between the bar and balcony, when conditions allow.
  • Headgear should not be worn in the clubhouse.

The following Attire is not acceptable in Grange:

  • Beach wear of any kind.
  • Cargo style shorts.
  • Leisure Suits / Track Suits / Hoodies.
  • Collarless men’s shirts / tops.